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Birthdate:Mar 30
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The miniscule country of Borogravia was always at war. Not necessarily with the same people, but still, always at war. So much so, that the towns were soon full of widows and broken families. The army's annual recruiting sprees were getting more and more difficult.

Alongside her fellow soldiers Ozzer, Wazzer, Tonker, Maladict, Igor and Carborundum, Shufti joined the Borogravian Tenth foot light infantry, the 'Ins and Outs', with great enthusiasm and determination. So what if she was a girl, most of the others were when she got to know them. All of them in fact. And many of them had the same target in mind. Ozzer was looking for her brother. She was looking for her husband.

Husband to be.


Well, probably. He had to be. He had been called up, it wasn't his fault he'd just vanished. But he had left her with one slightly more difficult issue.

This particular difficult issue had reached five months old and was starting to get tricky to hide.


Shufti is a young teenage girl who is currently disguised as a boy, in that she has short hair and is wearing boys' clothes. She is, as said above, five months pregnant and it is just beginning to show to the trained eye, although to the untrained she merely appears plump.
Shufti is in the later stages of pregnancy. The birth will occur on 7th April for anyone interested. Because she is naturally small and underweight, the bulge looks particularly enormous.

The mun is pleased to announce the birth of Jack Theodore Manickle, Thursday 6th February 2004, at five pounds eight ounces.

She is about eighteen years old mid twenties (doesn't time fly!), but looks several years younger. Apart from her shape no physical description is given of her, but for the purposes of the bar she is a short girl with reddish-brown hair and blue eyes. She is usually dressed in a red army uniform, as she doesn't actually possess many other clothes. All artwork drawn by the mun based on the uniform from the front cover.
She is brave and patriotic, but at the same time nieve. Her talents include cooking and a moderate amount of fighting, although she is poorly trained. She shows loyalty to the Duchess, the ruler of Borogravia prayed to like a deity, but not to extremes.

She has now left the army and is working as both a chef back home and batman to Faramir in the bar.

Shufti now works for Milliways Security and lives with CJ in America. She is fully proficient in sword and crossbow attacks.

Jack is average size for his age, blonde with blue eyes. N.b. Occasionally he is referred to by his middle name Theodore. This is to reduce confusion in the event of contact with one of the bar's other thirteen Jacks. For tag sake, he retains his mother's surname although in reality he is now adopted by her husband, CJ [info]grovecj and is also a Manickle-Johnson.

Their daughter Leah Manickle-Johnson was born on 1st August 2008. She looks much more like her dad.

Updated 1/6/09

Shufti belongs to the wonderful Terry Pratchett and is from his novel Monstrous Regiment, about which more information can be found here. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar from which no profit whatsoever is being made. [info]bigfluffball=the mun.

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